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DeliverySlip is used in virtually every industry by 10,000+ organizations and 5 million+ users. Ensure compliance with jurisdiction-specific data privacy and protection rules while securing sensitive company and customer data.

DeliverySlip simplifies your communication and makes it safe and works right inside Office 365, Gmail, and Outlook. 

DeliverySlip is used to:

  • Control messages pre- and post-delivery via our patented DeliverySlip technology
  • Share large files, as well as request E-Approvals and E-Signatures
  • Support workflow automation with secure E-Forms, E-Campaigns, and E-Statements
  • Support regulatory compliance, E-Audit, and discovery efforts
  • Simplify, secure, and expedite the burdensome elements of online collaboration and communication

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  • Secure E-Signatures
    Request or provide legally valid secure e-signatures in seconds right in 365 without any additional workflows or third-party applications.
  • Secure large file sharing
    Securely send, receive, track, and control file attachments up to 5 GBs directly within 365 regardless of any attachment size restrictions in place.
  • Secure E-Campaigns
    Securely communicate with unlimited recipients. Ideal for recalls, “click to acknowledge” campaigns or whenever sending sensitive data to a large group.
  • Total message recallTotally retract messages and attachments even after the message has been read.
  • Advance message controls
    Lock content, manage permissions, and add additional security with unique message controls.
  • Real-time tracking
    Track and prove when an email is received, read, replied, or forwarded. Ideal for e-discovery. The Secure Messaging 365 add-in lets users to manage secure messages alongside their basic email messages seam- lessly in 365. Integration and use is simple, ensuring rapid adoption without requiring any additional training. Because there are no cumbersome security keys, organizations can easily conduct business with all stakeholders in a secure, closed- loop environment that is easy to deploy, manage and scale. There is no better solution for securing your communications in 365 than DeliverySlip Secure Messaging.
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