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Dropbox Business

Product by Dropbox

Dropbox Business lets your team bring work anywhere, syncing their important files across all their devices. Powerful admin tools help you stay on top of your account and take control of your organization’s information. Shared folders and links help keep everyone up to date, effortlessly. With Dropbox, team members can work together like they're sitting right next to each other — even when they’re halfway around the world.

Dropbox also provides free online Partner Training.

This sales readiness program teaches partners how to identify Dropbox Business sales opportunities, how to demo Dropbox Business, how Dropbox Business is different from other collaboration providers, and much more.

Get all the features your business needs.

File Backup

Stop stressing over storage
Choose a plan with 5 TB of storage, or one that offers as much space as you need. With Dropbox Business, you can keep all your files in one place, helping you work more efficiently.
Free up hard drive space
Dropbox Smart Sync lets you work from your desktop and save to the cloud, taking up virtually no space on your hard drive.
The fastest file syncing
Dropbox uses industry-leading technology for streaming, file compression, LAN, and incremental syncing. We have a high-speed network with 22 peering points across the globe.

Administrative tools

Admin dashboard
The admin dashboard lets you lets you keep track of your team's Dropbox use and history. It’s handy for monitoring activity and connected devices.
Account transfer tool
Easily transfer files from one user to another when roles or responsibilities change.
Priority support
If you have any questions, contact us and get priority support by e-mail.

Security features

File recovery
It’s easy to recover a deleted file or previous version, so you don’t need to worry about accidental changes or lost work.
Sharing controls and permissions
Add password protection to shared links, set expiration dates, and control data downloads.
Remote wipe
If a device is lost or stolen, you can delete the files saved in its Dropbox folder to keep your data safe.
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